Food Heals

So here is a very personal post

Last night I was stood up. So I called in the best friend and we headed to Eat Street Markets, Hamilton (Brisbane).


I turn to food alot to heal (emotional eating 101) and well these markets are amazing!

Heres what we endulged in 🙂

We started with potato slinkies, one of my ultimate favs


Then we shuffled around the stalls till we found some dumplings. I have never had fresh dumplings 🙂 Im not a big pork fan but deciding to be adventurous we ordered pork and chicken. We got cocktails to compliment our food.


For dessert I tried a funnel cake. Interesting, yum on the outside but by the time you get to the middle donuty cake it can be abit hard to get through (I didnt eat all of it).


On our way out we grabbed cronuts to take home. We enjoyed them on my friends semi rural driveway watching shooting stars.


A perfect last minute date!


Id love to hear of your Eat St experiences or your missed dates!

❤ Morgan Kate


3 thoughts on “Food Heals

  1. ashleyzoemua says:

    : ( Now I’m craving a potato slinky!!!! And screw that fecker that stood you up, it all happens for a reason. It’s leaving you more time for the right person : )


  2. ashleyzoemua says:

    : ( my comment disappeared….

    Screw you, now I’m craving potato slinkies. And screw that person that stood you up!! It all happens for a reason, it’s just leaving you more time with the right person : )


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