Weightlifting is here to stay

First Step! I love lifting this post just reminded me how much I miss is and the results. Going to look at my gym NOW. ❤


As you can read in my weightloss story, my main exercise is weightlifting. It’s getting really popular lately for women, especially for losing weight. You can find a lot about why it’s good for you, I’ll try to explain some of those things in this post, but mostly I’ll talk you about my experiences (the good and the bad) and how it affected my weightloss journey. I will dedicate another post about ‘weightlifting 101’, because all those theories and stories are nice, but how the hell do you start?

Let me start by saying: Find a type of exercise that you like or might like and stick to it! Don’t force yourself into something you hate, because you will quit after some time, which is not a good thing for your lifestyle and mindset! Lifting weights is great, but if you don’t control what you put in your mouth…

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